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Horse Drawn Hearse and Caisson Service

We believe that the final tribute to loved ones should be as unique and memorable as the lives we seek to honor.  R and B Ranch Carriage Company is committed to providing a special farewell for a special person.
Whether a small, private service or a large one, our carriage company has two types of horse drawn vehicles that will make one's last journey one that will be forever remembered and cherished by family and friends.
R and B Ranch Carriage Company has a horse drawn hearse which can be pulled by either a single horse or a pair of horses.  We also have a Caisson style hearse (an open air style hearse) suitable for all ranks of the military and public servants.  This vehicle can also be pulled by a single horse or a pair of horses.
While most families choose to use a horse drawn hearse to transport their loved one through the cemetary to the gravesite, we can also arrange for the use of the hearse to take the departed from either (depending on distance):
The Funeral Home to the Church, the Funeral Home to the Cemetery, or the Church to the Cemetery
Additionally a horse drawn carriage may be available for transporting the family members and/or a flower wagon.
Please note:  If the cemetery is located more than 2 (two) miles away, a motorized hearse must transport the casket to the cemetery and then the casket can be transferred to the horse drawn hearse prior to the cemetery entrance.  Then the guests can walk behind the horse drawn hearse on route to the actual gravesite/burial plot. 


This is a horse drawn caisson

This is another view of horse drawn caisson


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